Fire Awareness Training (Online)

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Fire Awareness Training (Online)

It is a legal requirement to provide basic fire training to all members of staff. This training must be provided on induction.

Our online training course is designed to allow employers to meet there legal obligation with ease.

This highly interactive online training course gives a basic knowledge and understanding on the chemistry of fire, what causes fires to spread, action on discovering a fire and an introduction to fire extinguishers.

This training course is targeted at all members of staff and is intended to be used as part of induction training.

Those with further fire safety responsibilities such as fire wardens and those who may be required to use fire extinguishers should enquire about Griffin Fire’s ‘Practical fire warden’ or ‘Fire Responsibilities training’.

* chemistry of fire

* common causes of fire

* basic safety features in buildings

* introduction to fire extinguishers

* what to do in case of fire

A certificate will be awarded on successful completion of this training course.

Time Duration:

The course duration is between 45 minutes to an hour.

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